LARP Camp 2017

In 2017 our Troop took the time to convert our Skillz Camp into a LARP (Live Action Role Play) camp. Our Scouts figured out what the camp will be called, what are the quests, how they can earn a bit more gold coins through the weekend.

With their characters created and ready for adventure! Our Troop explored the land of Hyrule to seek new skills, thrills and fortune. Their goal is to accumulate gold buy completing quests and gaining skills. While they are in the village, they can warm up by the fire, visit the tavern for food, go see the local merchants and wizard for items they may require. Ask the local magistrate for quests, or ask all villagers for any clues for some of the mysteries surrounding the kingdom of Hyrule. There are rumblings in the forest of a hidden elf village, where the Adventurers can learn new skills from the elves and earn skill points that they can apply within their battles.

Below you will find all the details on how the Troop put this adventure together and how we used Plan-Do-Review to bring all of this to reality.


-Where are we going to do this camp.
-What is the name of the land we live in? What the name of the town? Name of the Tavern in the town?
-What is your character !? What clothing does the character wear?
-How do you earn coin? Side quests ?
-What are coins used for?
-How does a battle work?
-Whats on the menu in the Tavern?
-Whats our safety plan!?
-What are the skills needed to be successful in this adventure?
-Agree on all the details


-Practise the skills before the camp
-Build their characters
-Create their foam weapons
-Do the adventure as successfully as possible.

Here is what our Scouts came up with?

Coins = Poker chips
Pouches = Leather fabric to make pouches (a few weeks before camp)
-Every player starts with 25 coins
-If you win a 1 on 1 Battle, you roll a dice, the number you get on your roll is what you have to pay the other player.
-Meals cost 5 coins
-Sleeping in village (Using a tent), costs 10 coins.

Some terminology
-Camp site = Village -> village is a no fighting zone. Everyone is safe in the village.
-Kitchen area = Tavern in the village
-Camp = The land
-Outhouses = The Throne


7pm arrival 
-Set up the Village and tavern
9pm - Mug up and Pouch making


8am - Breakfast - Mountain Man /
9am - Collect your loot. 
9:40am - The Rules of the Land
10am - Let the games begin!
12:30pm - Lunch - Pizza Pocket wraps / Chicken Noodle soup
1:15pm Lunch is over
6pm Supper - BBQd Souvlaki / Rice / Veggies / Pita  / Tatziki  
7pm Supper is over
8pm Capture the golden Fleece
9:30pm Mug up - Cinnamon buns & Hot Chocolate


8am Breakfast - Build your ultimate breakfast sandwich. 
8:30am Breakfast is over
9am The Arena
10am Game is over - Bring your pouch to Banker.
10:15am Clean up camp
11:30am Announce the winners / Auction
12pm - Lunch - Sandwiches / Carrots / Hummus and Pita
1pm - Final clean up - Departure



-Donald Troll (afternoon)

-Tower Rescue (Climbing tower) (TBA)

-Archery (TBA)

-Capture the golden fleece (Burning bridges) (8pm)

-Rescue an injured villager (1:30pm)

-Escort the magistrate (5pm)

-Plant collector for the Wizard (All weekend)

-Map maker (All weekend)

-The impossible Quest -Devin (3pm)

-The arena (9:00am Sunday)

-Make the Dragon sleep

-Treasure hunt (afternoon Saturday)

-Bonus - Elf riddles - Brian (All weekend)

-Bonus - Hidden words within the signs at camp.

-Woodland Elves - Brian, Marc and Devin
-Alchys the Wizard - Stephen
-Magistrate -Greg
-Duthian fine goods - John
-Lorien Trust Banker -??
-Tavern and other villagers = The Venturers