LARP camp 2015

-Where are awe going to do this camp. 
-What is the name of the land we live in? What the name of the town? Name of the Tavern in the town?
-What is your character !? What clothing does the character wear? 
-How do you earn coin?  Side quests ?
-What are coins used for? 
-How does a battle work?
-Whats on the menu in the Tavern?
-Whats our safety plan!?
-What are the skills needed to be successful in this adventure?

Here is what our Scouts came up with? 

Coins = Poker chips
Pouches = Leather fabric to make pouches ( a few weeks before camp)

-Every player starts with 8 coins
-If you win a 1 on 1 Battle, you roll a dice, the number you get on your roll is what you have to pay the other player.
-Meals cost 3 coins
-Sleeping in village (Using a tent), costs 10 coins.

Some terminology
-Camp site = Village -> village was a no fighting zone. Everyone was safe in the village.
-Kitchen area = Tavern in the village
-Camp = The land
-Outhouses = The Throne

How a 1 on 1 battle worked.
-If you touch another player out of the village and shout “I challenge thee!” Battle begins.
-Players can hit each other with foam weapons only. If a limb is hit, you loose that limb. example, your hit on the right leg, must only hop with left leg. Get hit on right arm, you loose using that arm. If you get touched on both legs, you were on your knees. 
-Fighting is mostly for play. Battle is won by rolling the dice. 
-Dice roll: you roll a dice, the number you get on your roll is what you have to pay the other player.
-You cannot challenge the same player for atleast an hour.
Hint: Shields make it tougher for someone to hit your limb. Armour doesn’t count.

Side Quests (optional):
-Rescue at the Tower : Climbing wall, for every completed climb, Scout gets 2 coins
-Escort the Magistrate: Magistrate gets in trouble often, needs an armed escort to help him hike over to his favourite spot safely. 4 coins each escort.
-Cartographer needed: Best and most accurate drawn map of the land gets 10 coins.
-Archery completion: For every balloon pope , archer gets 1 coin.
-The arena: Sunday, a large circle of rope wast laid down for Heres to challenge other heres to 1 on 1 battles. A bet was made, challengers would each place 5 coins in a pot, winner that bested the other wins the all the coins. 
This battle was judged by villagers (Venturers). And had an arbiter, same limb loss rule. But once you lost all 4 limbs, you lost the battle. 

Big Quest (Not optional)
-Zombie attacks  the village. Heroes must fend off zombies (Venturers) from invading the village. Zombies will kill you from their touch (2 coins to get back in the game). You must get their 3 tails off to kill the zombie, if Zombie dies, they collapse to the ground. Other zombies can bring fallen zombies to life with spare tails. Talismans can be found near the village to help you not die on the first touch. (Exchange talisman for life) Zombies will go back to their slumber if all 5 picks of Magical tablet has been restored. (faces pieces of styrofoam combined together makes a protective tablet) For every pice of tablet returned, hero gets 5 coins.

-Find and capture Mort the Horrible: Venturer with 3 flags on her back is deadly if touches you. (3 coin fine) But if you pull one of here flags, if returned to magistrate, you receive 6 coins. If you get all 3, you receive 25 coins!

Things that came out of review
-Knee pads are good for battles if you loose both legs. Saves your knees.
-Zombie quest was tough
-More arene challenges
-Need to introduce spells in next LARP camp. Blue coin for life. Blue coin for Shield removal. Blue coin for Freezing
-Quests helped for getting coins. Also to gather Scouts who have been roaming for a few hours.
-Research and build our own foam weapons!
-Food was great! Thanks Venturers!
-Better bug protection. Black flies were brutal!