A Jamboree...

Very shortly, a large portion of our Scout troop will take the Train to begin our next adventure!  We are going to a Jamboree, The Canadian Jamboree! It's being held at camp Nedooae, in Nova Scotia. Over 5,000 participants and volunteers are expected. 

A Jamboree is defined as a large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one. How appropriate that in Scouting we use this term for our most massive scouting gatherings. All camping in one well coordinated spot. 

So many tents!!! 

So many tents!!! 

Our youth, throughout this week long adventure, will experience many things. Firstly, the value of hard work, for almost 2 years our Troop has been preparing and fundraising for this event. We all worked hard to get here.

Secondly, connections, not only will they bond together as an elite bunch of Scouts, but they will also meet and share with Scouts from all over our country and beyond! Jamboree's and camping are Scoutings Social network! ;-)


Thirdly, trying something new, exploring the NS wilderness helps give the setting of some new flavors for our Troop to discover. Even traveling to the Jamboree will be a new experience, taking the train for almost 20hours will for sure help the Scouts bond and experience something very unique. Combined with the hard work performed by the CJ program team, our Scouts will be playing some new activities that they themselves have selected to accomplish during the week. 

Needless to say, this will be a highlight for many of them, the ultimate summer camp.

So off we go..


Scouter Marc