Patrol Challenge - Rogue One

In anticipation of the upcoming Star Wars movie. Our Troop converted an old school Scouting game into something a bit more appropriate to be played in a Galaxy far, far away.

We designated a central meeting spot: The Rebel base. At the Base one Scout from each patrol will be left behind to be the “Droid”. Droid gets 6 pages to draw on and a Pencil.
On each trail N_S_W_E , we used trails, but you can use end of a field or any other big game surface. An image or two has been placed on different ends of the path, we had 6 images in total.  Scouts must find the images and remember as much details as possible, and bring back the info to their appropriate Droid. Droid will draw what the Scout brings back. No one can draw but the Droid. 

As Scouts run back an forth, they maybe captured by the Empire (The Scouters). If caught, Empire can lock on the Rebel base, and slowly walks the Scout back to the base. Unless the Scout can answer a Riddle correctly, tie knot properly or answer any SW /Scouting trivia that Scouters may think of, we call it using a Jedi Mind Trick.. If the Scouts are walked back to the Rebel base, their Droids memory will get erased, aka we rip a page off their pad, one hopefully with drawings on it. 

First patrol to get all drawings correct wins!

To help the Rebels, they can use a code to get pass the Empire Sentries.  It’s an older code, but it checks out. The Rebel base will have the code written in a language they must decipher, Patrols must decode it, to use it.  

"It's an older code, but it checks out."

"It's an older code, but it checks out."

Scouters gave the code an expiry time, youth did not know when the code would expire. We gave them two codes, first one lasted 10mins, second 5mins. 

Communication skills and Planning were the keys to this Patrol challenge. The troop had a blast, give it a try, may the force be with you!

We made a video!