Champion Boilers Wall!

Time  •  Team


1.  A team consists of 2 Scouts

2.  You can attempt the challenge as many times as you want with as many different teams as you want

3.  You have 15 minutes to prepare your fire site, collect fuel and build the fire

4.  Once the 15 minutes expires the time for your water boil automatically starts and teams can begin to attempt to light their fire

5.  Time is stopped when, in the opinion of the Scouter, the water is boiling

6.  Times will be recorded on the website

7.  Only the official Water Boil Challenge pot may be used (see Scouter Brian!)

8.  The pot must be filled to the marked line with cold water

9.  The pot may be supported over the fire in any way the team decides

10.   Scouters will provide each team with 1 cotton ball with vaseline.  No other accelerants are permitted!

11.   Other than the cotton ball, only natural materials found in the area are permitted

12.  Teams must use ferro rods only to light the fire (no matches!)

13.  Unless your fire site is officially designated as such, it must be cleaned up in a way consistent with Leave No Trace principles.