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Beaver Buggy Bash!!!!!

Our first ever Beaver Buggy Bash ! 

Scouts have been challenge to build a Beaver cart (kits distributed). The Goal, topple the other Scouts cart. 


We will place two Scout Tracks head to head, and launch the carts simultaneously, they will ride down the track picking up speed, leave the track at the end,  for a collision at the centre, which we are calling "The Arena".


Scouts will earn points on how their Beaver Buggy faired in the collision. After a series of races, points will be added up and winners declared! 




Every buggy starts their run with 10 points. 


They loose a point per item below:

-Buggy does not completely launches down the track. (Remains stuck on track)  This will be called "Chickening out"  -8pts

-Buggy falls off the tracks. -8pts

-Buggy looses parts during collision. -2pts

-Buggy tumbles and collapse upon collision. -3pts


-Buggy Explodes. -3pts=)

-Buggy damages the tracks. -9pts



Some ground rules:

-Buggy should not have anything that may damage the tracks.

-Buggy has no weight restriction, unless it will damage the tracks. 

-Oliver! No flamethrower! 

-Buggys can have a propulsion system, as long as it doesn't damage the tracks! 


We will also have design prizes for the following categories:


-Buggy that Batman would drive

-Buggy that needs a hug

-Buggy that would make a Beaver Scout cry

-Buggy that requires a Rabies shot

-Buggy that Darth Vader would like

-Flower Power Buggy

-Most Aerodynamic

-Buggy that will most likely fly to the moon

-Buggy that looks good to eat

-Buggy that would catch fire

-Buggy built by Chuck Norris

-Buggy with the most details

-Buggy that will scare away Arnold Schwarzenegger

-Buggy with Attitude

-Gladiator Buggy.

...More to come.

Voting for design awards will happen at the beginning of the event. Parents and scouts are welcome to fill out the voting sheet. 

Later Event: July 8
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